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Delucia Holistic's Blog

Delucia Holistic's Blog

What is Reiki? What Happens During a Treatment? How will I Feel Afterwards?

Posted on 4 January, 2017 at 9:45


Reiki is an ancient healing system that was re-discovered in Japan during the last century.


What happens during a reiki healing session?


When you arrive at our Manchester city centre well-being centre you will be shown into a relaxing candlelit treatment room.

You will remain fully dressed and lie down on our comfortable couch. The reiki practitioner places their hands on or above you and the reiki energy flows through the practitioners hands into you healing you on all levels, mind, health & emotions. The reiki energy enhances and accelerates the natural healing process


Why choose Reiki?



Reiki promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress and enhances healing. Reiki can assist with a myriad of situations such as if you are experiencing any of the issues below Reiki can help:-


Work, - Are you working in a stressful environment, worried about job security or experiencing difficulties with your manager or boss.


Love life - Are experiencing a break up, feeling sad or having difficulties with your relationship.


Mind and Emotions - Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, panic attacks or anger.


Health - Reiki can eliminate or reduce insomnia, headaches, digestive issues (including irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS), bodily aches and pains, food disorders, and general malaise and more.


Family - Are you having relationship problems with family members, perhaps there are boundary issues or perhaps the demands of caring for a family member are weighing you down.


Will I Feel Better straight away? How many sessions will I need?



Yes, the effects of Reiki can be palpable and immediate. Depending on who you are and where you are in life, just one session might deliver deep rest, a sense of serenity, energy where and when you least expect it.


But to make a true change at the lasting cellular level, we need to see more of you.


We recommend a minimum of three sessions. When you are at an optimum level then you may benefit from a monthly maintenance session if your situation is re-occuring.


Typical Results

After the first session, you might anticipate being calm for the first time in months. Perhaps you feel your muscles releasing, you might feel so much more relaxed. Perhaps you notice you’re breathing deeper. Welcome to Reiki!


After the second session, you might find you are falling asleep more quickly —and sleeping more soundly. You might notice that you’re letting little things go—and no longer obsessing over them. You might notice a new clarity at work. Lovely!!


After the third session, you might marvel at your newfound accepting nature. You might surprise yourself by smiling a lot. You might feel simply centered—not just in your body, but in your soul.


Your personal results are for you to discover. We’re excited to hear about them, and we can’t wait to meet you!

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