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Gel Nail Extensions

Gel nail extensions are a very natural looking enhancement, they are thin, clear, flexible, non-yellowing, non-porous and resist lifting. Gels are the future of the nail industry. Gel nail extensions combine natural beauty with strength and durability. Instant length and beauty using tips or forms for your first set of gel extensions. 

You may think you have had gel nails before but if the nail technician has used powder and a liquid these will be acrylics. If however they've used a gel think hair gel type consistency then you got the real deal. It's a sad fact that some unscrupulous nail bars will charge customers for gel but give them acrylics. So if you've not had the real deal please book in and try them for yourself.

 The ultimate goal is for you to have long healthy nails under your gel extension or overlay so your natural nails are just being protected and strengthened by your enhancements. Gel nail extensions and all Delucia's nail treatments are a high-end service. Our main concern is the health of your nails we prepare using a hand file and would never damage your nail by using an electric drill on the delicate surface of your natural nail. Gel nail extensions are a permanent solution to hand and nail beauty.

The Benefits of Gel Nails

• Keeps your nails strong and healthy

• Odourless

• Natural Feeling

• Thin

• Flexible

• Crystal Clear

• Lightweight

• Natural looking

• lift resistant

Book online or call us today!

Colour/Clear Full Set of Extensions

Hard gel extensions with or without long lasting gel polish 2hrs


French Full Set of Extensions

French Full Set of Extensions


Colour/ Clear Infills

Colour/ Clear Infills


Infills with French Manicure

With hard gel 90mins


Overlays Hands

Colour / Clear Overlays

A veneer of hard gel to strengthen and protect you natural nails


French Overlays

A veneer of hard gel in a French manicure to strengthen and protect your natural nail


Colour/ Clear Overlay Infill

Make like new after new growth


French Overlay Infill

Make like new after new growth


Overlays on Feet

As above with an extra £2 For Each Service


Individual Nail Repairs

Per nail


Full Removal

Extension or overlay removal


By Appointment Only   Delucia Holistics, 71 Lever Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M1 1FL

To Book call or text 07449 844 122 or Book Online