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7 Days a Week

Evening and Sunday Appointments

Monday to Sunday 10am to 9pm

By Appointment Only

Online Booking 24/7 or text 07449 844 122

Hot Lava Shell Massage


Hot Lava Shell Massage 30 Minutes £35

Hot Lava Shell Massage 60 Minutes £65

Hot Lava Shell Massage 90 Minutes £80


Lava shells are the world's first self-heating massage tool, each shell is completely 100% natural. They are genuine tiger clam shells found in villages in the Phillipines. The tiger clams are collected for seafood and the shells were then discarded. 

Now the lava shells not only provides food but also jobs for the local industry on the island. The locals prepare the shell for use in massage by sand polishing them they look beautiful.

Natural ingredients such as marine algae, lavender, lava rock, lava gel, magnesium and iron are used in the patented self-heating technology. The shells stay hot for the length of the massage giving a continuity to your treatment.

Who benefits from this massage?

• Anyone who enjoys and needs deep relaxation

• If you want sports therapy, or have aches and pains

• The warmth is beneficial if you have menstrual cramps

• If you have digestive problems

• Anybody who feels the cold generally

• If you are feeling depressed

• Anybody who is stressed, lethargic and run-down

By Appointment Only   Delucia Holistics, 71 Lever Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M1 1FL

To Book call or text 07449 844 122 or Book Online