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Pregnancy Massage

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To book call 07449 844 122 or book your pregnancy massage online.

Tranquil Pregnancy Massage - 60 minutes £59.00

Tranquil Pregnancy Massage - 90 minutes £85.0

Relax & Heal Pregnancy Package - 90 minutes £90

Includes a powerful combination of Reiki Healing and Massage Therapy.

Pregnancy Rescue Package - 12 x 60 minutes £540

12 X Tranquil Pregnancy Massage One Hour Long.

Pregnancy Support Package - 6 x 60 Minutes £300

6 X Tranquil Pregnancy Massage One Hour Long.

Pregnancy Me Time Package - 3 x 60 Minutes £165

3 x Tranquil Pregnancy Massages One Hour Long

What Happens When I Visit For My Pregnancy Massage?

You don't have to dress in any special way or bring anything special for your prenatal massage. Just bring yourself.

At your first appointment your maternity massage therapist will ask for your basic details, medical conditions. Your therapist will want to know if you have any problem areas or concerns so the treatment can be tailored to address any issues you are experiencing during your pregnancy. You will be left in the candlelit treatment room with soothing music to change in privacy and lie on your side you will be covered with a massage sheet before enjoying your heavenly massage in relaxing surroundings. Our clients really appreciate massage during pregnancy.

How often should I have pregnancy massage?

We would advise you let your body be the guide, most of our clients visit every 1-4 weeks, and tend to increase the frequency as they get closer to their due date. We believe regular massage during pregnancy is of great benefit to mum and baby and supports the body as it goes through many changes in the run up to birth. After 38 weeks our therapists can use induction massage techniques to encourage birth, the more frequency the more successful this method is so you may want to schedule additional massages if your due date has passed.

Recieving regular massage whilst pregnant can make you more aware of your body. This can help you relax during the first stage of labour often resulting in shorter and easier births, less pain and a lower rate of postnatal complications. Please see blog post link below for more benefits of pregnancy massage. Pregnancy massage is a perfect baby shower gift, or supportive present from a caring partner, friend or relative.

Pregnancy massage is suitable after the first trimester, please check that your midwife or GP is happy for you to proceed with massage therapy before booking. Your therapist can provide prenatal spa treatments and has a diploma in pregnancy massage and is an experienced in pregnancy massage techniques.

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